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Firmware Upload Failure / Controller does not boot up

When uploading the firmware, one rare occurrence where the device shows a blank screen might happen. This would mean that the update process was not successful.

One common cause for this is using an unpowered USB hub when connecting the device to the computer. Where possible, try to connect the device directly to the computer.

Check that you have the correct firmware downloaded, and are not loading a firmware for the wrong device i.e. MC3 firmware into a MC6 Controller.

Steps to resolve the issue

When this occurs and no device is detected on the Firmware Uploader software, you’ll need to carry out the following steps:

Remove the backplate

There is a tact switch on the circuit board that resets the device (This will not affect your data).

On the MC6 MKII, the switch is on the underside of the board below Switch A.
On the MC3, MC8 and MC6 PRO, the tact switch should be immediately visible (there is only one tact button on the circuit board).
On the ML10X, the button is on the left of the USB port.

With the device connected and the Firmware Uploader software running, press the button once. The device should appear on the Firmware Uploader. You can then upload the firmware again as per normal.

If pressing the button once does not help, unplug the USB cable, hold down the tact switch (reset button) and then connect the cable. Wait 3 seconds before releasing the button. The device should appear after that and you can upload as per normal.

Pressing the button will call up the Bootloader, which will be detected by the Firmware Uploader software. You can then proceed to upload the firmware as per normal.

How to upload a firmware to your controller

Updating your Firmware

If the steps above are not successful, there is a chance that the USB cable might be faulty, or the USB Hub you are using is not compatible.

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Updated on: 01/02/2024

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