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How do I set the expression pedal to send different CC messages per preset?

The expression pedal inputs work on a per-bank basis, where every bank has a different expression preset. Each expression preset has 16 or 32 midi messages that you can program, depending on model. By changing banks on the MC6 PRO, you can send different CC messages. You can also send different CC messages in each expression preset in the same bank by using your standard presets A-L. By programming a Select Exp Message midi type in your preset, you can select which of the 16 or 32 midi messages in your expression preset to be active. Hence, when using your expression pedal, only the selected messages will be sent out.

For example, if you have these 2 messages set up for your Expression Preset 1:

Then you can have Preset A in the MC6 PRO to set Expression Preset 1 to only send Msg 1:

And Preset B to send only Msg 2 in Expression Preset 1:

Updated on: 11/04/2024

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