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Updating your Firmware


There are 2 files required in the update process.

The .hex file

This is the firmware file that is loaded into the controller.

The Firmware Updater software

This is the software that assists in loading the firmware file into your controller


Download Firmware Updater Software

Go to our downloads page:

Click on the Firmware Updater button.

This will bring you to our Github repository which is where we store the software releases. The software can be downloaded from the Assets section.

Download Firmware file

The .hex firmware file can be download from our Downloads page as well.

Again, clicking on the link will bring you to our Github repository. The file can be downloaded in the Assets section.

Please read through the list of updates so you are aware of any breaking changes, if any, in the firmware.

We publish 2 different firmwares for each release. One firmware exposes the USB port as a MIDI + Keyboard interface, while the other is a pure MIDI interface. If you are connecting it to a device with a MIDI Host USB port, you may need to use the MIDI-only interface.

Uploading the Firmware

Open the Firmware Updater software.

Select the device to upload the firmware to. Your controller should appear in the list here

Clicking on the Select .hex file to upload button will open a file dialog for you to select the .hex file that you downloaded in the previous section.

After selecting the device and file, an upload button will appear. Click on the button to upload the firmware to the device.

The software will indicate that the firmware is uploaded successfully.

In the rare occurrence that the firmware upload fails, and your controller becomes unresponsive (nothing is displayed in the screen), do not panic! This can easily be resolved with these steps here.

Updated on: 18/06/2024

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