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Testing the MIDI Input on the ML10X

To test the MIDI Input on the ML10X, you can make use of the Test Function in the device.

Press the menu button and navigate to Enter Global Settings
When in the Global Settings page, navigate to Test Function and select
There will be a series of tests available. You can just press the left (back) or right (forward) arrow to go through the tests. Press the right arrow until you see Test MIDI Read.
If the ML10X receives any MIDI message from the input, it will indicate a MIDI Received label on the LCD. This is regardless of the MIDI channel set.

If the ML10X MIDI Input test shows a message that MIDI messages are being received, but you are unable to get your ML10X to respond, please check the MIDI channel on the ML10X. If you are sending a CC message to engage or bypass a loop, please note that the loop has to be selected in the current preset. If it is not part of the preset, then there will be no response.

Updated on: 04/01/2024

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