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MIDI Clock is not working

MC is connected to the Editor

If you have updated to the v3.12 firmware, the MIDI clock being generated from the controller will time-out for 3 seconds if it is connected and communicating with the editor.

Please try disconnecting from the editor when using MIDI clock.

MIDI Clock Port Settings

There is also a new feature under the Controller Settings >> General Configuration section called MIDI Clock Port Settings, where it allows you to select specific ports to send MIDI Clock from. Please ensure that the relevant ports are selected, then save the settings and restart the controller. Saving the settings once is essential if you just updated the firmware.

Check that your MC is actually generating the MIDI clock


If MIDI clock is being generated, the BPM indicator on the right screen should be RED and the BPM dot should be blinking


If MIDI clock is being generated, the BPM indicator should be blinking.

If the MC stops generating MIDI Clock after starting it, it may be because the MC is receiving MIDI clock from an external source. You can turn on the IGNORE MIDI CLOCK setting in the Controller Settings.

Updated on: 11/01/2024

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