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Using the MC as an interface for the Meris LVX/Mercury and prEditor

Using the MC as an interface for the Meris LVX and Mercury with the prEDITOR

The Meris prEDITOR allows you to quickly create presets, move them around, select your favorites, duplicate, swap, delete, assign your left and right favorites, import/export, access globals quickly and organize libraries.

You’ll need to update the Meris devices to the latest firmware.

On the MC6MKII, and MC8, you need to enable Cross MIDI Thru in the Controller Settings so that the MC will pass incoming MIDI messages from the DIN5 port out to the USB port and vice versa.

For the MC Pro series, the MIDI Thru routing should be as such:

In the prEditor, select the MC MIDI Port and your In and Out port:

The MC controller has 4 virtual MIDI ports. Port 1 is reserved for communicating with the Morningstar Editor, but you can use Port 1 as a MIDI interface as well. If you want to use Port 2, 3 or 4, be sure to increase the virtual USB MIDI port setting in the Controller Settings

Be sure to set the MIDI channel in the prEDITOR to be the same MIDI Channel as the Meris device

After clicking on Connect, you should be able to communicate with the Meris device via the MC.

Updated on: 09/03/2024

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