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How to have only one preset toggled at any one time

For many use cases, you may just want the controller to indicate the last used Preset, so you know which preset is active.

There are a few ways to do this.

1. Clear All Preset Toggles function in Bank Settings

In the Bank Settings, there is the Clear All Preset Toggles function that you can utilise. If turned on, this function will clear the state of ALL Presets in the Bank, except for the last engaged Preset. This would be the most straight-forward method to use if you want to apply this logic to all the Presets in the bank.

2. Toggle Reset Groups

The Toggle Reset Group feature allows you to put Presets into groups, and the Preset Toggle Reset logic will apply only to Presets within each group.

In the example below, I have Preset A, B and C in Toggle Reset Group 1, and Preset D, E and F in Toggle Reset Group 2

3. Use the Set Toggle Message Type

If you have something more complicated in mind, you can utilise the Set Toggle message type, which lets you Engage, Disengage, Toggle or Shift the state of other presets in the bank.

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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