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How to use the Relay Port

What is the Relay Port used for

The Relay port is used to do TRS switching. It can short Tip to Sleeve, Ring to Sleeve and both Tip + Ring to Sleeve . If your device or amplifier requires this type of switch then this will work.

How to trigger the Relay Port

In the editor, set up a preset to trigger the Relay Swtiching message type. Then, select the desired Relay Port.
Relay port - Editor

The Omniport selection is specifically for use with the Morningstar Relay Interface.

You then need to select what type of switching you want, whether a momentary (tap) or for it to latch.

- Engage and Disengage will respectively latch and unlatch to sleeve.
- Tap will connect to sleeve and then release, like a momentary tap.
- Toggle will latch and unlatch, depending on the current status of the relay.
- Sync Clock 8 taps will trigger the relay for a momentary Normally Open tap and the timing is synced to the MIDI Clock BPM on the controller, exactly like tapping a tempo.
Relay Switching Type - Editor

Updated on: 03/12/2023

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