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MIDI Message Converter


The Event Processor feature allows you to map incoming MIDI messages and convert them to other types of MIDI messages.

For example, you can tell the controller to send a CC#5 Value 127 message to MIDI Channel 3, when it receives a PC#8 message on Channel 1.

You can also set the conversion to happen at the input or output. If the conversion happens at the input, the conversion will happen first, before the controller processes the message. What this means is that it is possible to map a PC number to execute a function that is in the controller’s MIDI implementation.

If the conversion happens at the output, that means that the converted MIDI message will not be processed by the controller.

You can map up to 16 different MIDI messages in the MC3, MC6MKII and MC8.

Updated on: 03/12/2023

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