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The purpose of the Switch Sensitivity setting

The Switch Sensitivity setting under the Controller Settings >> General Configuration section allows you to set how fast the preset should execute from the moment you press on the switch.

A higher sensitivity setting will allow you to execute presets immediately upon pressing the switch (please also read Switch Latency). This is useful if you need to control functions like Record/Play/Stop in your MIDI devices, or if you want to send a CC message to engage a tap tempo, or engage the MIDI Clock Tap Tempo function on the MC itself.

However, this comes at the expense of the accuracy of dual switch presses. With a higher switch sensitivity setting, executing dual switch presses will be harder because the controller will not have time to differentiate between a single or dual switch press.

If you need to have the switch sensitivity setting at the highest setting, there are some ways to get around banking up and down on the controller.
Use an external aux switch
Program a preset in each bank to execute the Enter Bank Change Mode message type. This will enter a menu on the controller to allow you to select a bank.

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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