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Toggling a Preset with a specific action


In our MIDI Controller world, each preset as 2 toggle positions, aptly named Position 1 (Pos1) and Position 2 (Pos2). Turning on the Preset Toggle Mode settings in the preset will allow you to toggle between Pos1 and Pos2. This will happen as long as a messages is executed in the preset, regardless of the action used.

For example, if Toggle Mode is turned on, using a Long Press to execute a message, the Preset will toggle to the alternate position. Same with using a Press action.

Toggling the preset with only one action

To toggle the preset with only a specific action, you’ll need to turn Toggle Mode off. Then, you need to map an action (that you want to toggle the preset with) with the Toggle Preset message type.

Here’s an example:

In this setting, note that the Toggle Mode is turned off. I can toggle the preset between Pos1 and Pos2 with the Release action. Using a Long Press to send a PC message will have no effect on the Preset Toggle position.

Updated on: 03/12/2023

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