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CC Sequencer Generators


The CC Sequence Generators allows you to step through a specified list of values at a given interval.

Discussion thread on this feature here:

Setting the list of values

The list of values can be found in the Editor under the Controller Settings tab. There are 2 lists that you can edit. First, specify the length of your list (up to 16) and second, set the values for each element in the list. The sequencer will step through these values.

Starting the Sequencer

To start the CC Sequencer, you’ll need to program a CC Sequence Generator message in your preset. The available options are

Start/Stop: Whether to start or stop the selected sequencer

Engine: Select which engine to apply this setting to

Once/Perpetual: Whether to run the interval once, or perpetually

Cycles Per Minute: At what speed to run the Cycle intervals.

Cycle Multiplier: How many cycles to run in one interval

CC Number: Control Change Number

MIDI Channel: MIDI Channel

When the preset is engaged, the controller will start sending the CC messages with the specified values at the specified interval.

Updated on: 03/12/2023

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